The dazzling actress Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber adopted a baby girl of 21 month old from Latur, Maharashtra. The couple have been through immense paperwork before they could become proud parents.

Sunny Leone and Her Husband Daniel Weber Adopt a Baby Girl “Nisha”

Sunny and Daniel share how happy they were when they saw the gleaming face of the baby. They chose to not to change her name which is Nisha; the baby girl is now NishaKaur Weber. Sunny said that since her real name was KarenjitKaur and she was a Punjabi she always wanted her kid to keep the middle name Kaur or Singh, while Nisha’s title comes from Sunny’s husband Daneil Weber. The couple was delighted with the work that the orphanage from where they adopted Nisha, was doing.

Sunny explained that it was the Indian government who decides the orphanage from where the child would have to be decided. Usually you have nine months to prepare for your child but the couple says they have been ready since the day they applied to adopt a child two years back.

The couples said that their busy schedule keeps them from biologically having a baby which led them in deciding to adopt a baby and complete their family.

Sunny and Daniel tweeted about every move of Nisha from the time she sat in the car to her way home to what she has learnt. Nisha was wonderful in the car when she was being brought back to Mumbai from Latur. The new parents understand it won’t be easy and Nisha will take some time to adjust in the new environment as she was raised in a different way. However, Sunny and Daniel also know that kids are tender at this age and can easily be moulded.

Nishawas spoken to in Marathi in the orphanage and is not familiar with English, her parents say they will slowly introduce her to the new language. Infact they are already trying to teach her some words and she seems to have learnt – “bye bye”.

When asked about how their schedules would be now that Nisha is in their lives Sunny says adjustments would have to be made but she also believes God brings people into someone’s lives when he knows they are ready moreover Nisha is 21 months can communicate and move around. However she is still a baby and both she and her husband are going to organize their lives accordingly.

Both Sunny and Daniel understand that Nisha is their responsibility now but they are also confident about this moment and say that they are ready for her “physically, mentally and financially”. They have worked very hard so they could have a family.

Sunny is emotional when spoken to about Nisha, she says although the ashram gave her everything she needed she is underweight and needs a lot of care. She also says she is unaware about the struggle Nisha had to go through as a baby but she does understand that Nisha was definitely starving at some point of time.

She quickly brushes off the topic and when she says Nisha is so cute and her smile melts her parent’s hearts. She wants Nisha to become an independent woman when she has grown up.

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