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Golmaal Again’s Story:  The group of five boys- Gopal (Ajay Devgan), Madhav (Arshad Warsi), Lucky (Tusshar Kapoor), Laxman (Shreyas) and Laxman (Kunal) are orphans, who grew up from the Oathi Seth Jamnadas orphanage, Are enlarged. After the death of the orphanage master, they all return to this orphanage and there they find that a builder (Prakash Raj) named Vasu Reddy and his companion Nikhil (Neel), the ashram and Colonel Chauhan (Sachin Kelkar) ) Wants to grab the plot. However, he realizes that some of his friendly ghosts have started living there and Anna Mathew (Tabu), who can talk to souls, works to guide those boys.

‘Golmaal’ is a freak of a whimsy comedy that has been kept alive for 11 years. Whenever the films of ‘Golmaal’ series are broadcast on the TV channel, people can not stop their laughter. It does not matter whether you watch the film from the beginning or from the middle. Like your previous films, you will also see pure comedy and fun in ‘Golmaal Again’. If the film’s humor really literally laughs at you, it is an average of many places, but during the entire film you will keep stomping and laugh because seeing every actor in the film is a fun experience in itself. Whether it is a talkative Laxman (Shreyas) or Dabang Gopal, who is more afraid than the ghosts, every character of the film is so experienced and efficient that you will not be able to stop his laughter by seeing his objections. Well, the dialogues of the film are very modest and monotonous but are full of humor.

The horror of the film has also been added to the angle. Taking inspiration from South’s film Kanchan, this movie also shows a ghost who wants to take revenge. However, these scary moments have been filmed in a very light manner. There are so many scenes in the movie that you have seen many times before, despite it you will not be able to live without chanting on those scenes. However, when the real story is revealed in the second part of the film, then the film becomes slightly boring and dull.

Here’s to say that Rohit Shetty will not let you get very restless. Here there is a buffer of fun, jokes, battles, songs, songs, ghosts, which can also be an overdose. Many times, you will not be able to do anything other than laughing on these idiots. Talking about the performance, Tabu has put his life in the role of a Tantric, and if someone else did, then the character could be very slut. Recovery Brothers (Mukesh) and Pappi (Johnny Lever), as well as other extra rolls, got good footage. But Shreyas Talpade has done amazing. Parineeti (Joy / Damini) is used only to distract, which she does. Ajay, Arshad, Tushar and Kunal too have done their job well.

If you are looking for some logic in it, then there will be No Logic Here only Magic will get. But, if you just want to laugh, then go to see Golmaal Again.

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