Four people who worked in the Malayalam movie Honey Bee 2: Celebrations have been accused by an actress for passing lewd comments. Among the accused are actor Sreenath Bhasi, director Jean Paul Lal and Anoop and Anirudh who were the technicians for the movie.

The actress not only accused the four of passing vulgar comments but she also said that she was not remunerated for her work in Honey Bee 2. The unidentified actress filed a case against the crew and the cast of the movie saying that she had met the above people in Pannakad Hotel to follow up for the remuneration she was about to get for which she was denied the payment instead lewd comments were passed on her. The actress has given her statement to the police.

Director Lal who is Jean’s father denied all allegations of the actress and stated they were ‘false’. Lal said that the actress was taken in by the film makers for a small role but her tantrums and unsatisfactory job in the shooting made them change the script and cut all the scenes that featured her. They received a notice last month after she filed a complaint in the police department. They had thought of giving her Rs 50,000 instead of the Rs. 25,000 which was actually promised to her as the remuneration for her role but she put up her demands and asked for a compensation of Rs. ten lakhs along with an apology on the television. It was here when Lal intervened and put his foot down stating that such settlements need not be executed, said Lal.

Lal questioned why the actress waited for so long to file a complaint when the movie Honey Bee 2 was released way back in March. Lal advocated for the fact that there are many genuine cases of actresses who face problems in the movie industry but the allegation that this actress is making against the cast and crew of Honey Bee 2 is absolutely false.

Also a part of the movie was actor Baburaj who supported Lal on his statement as to why the actress waited all these months to file a complaint. The shooting of Honey Bee 2 was over in the month of March.

Lal also spoke about the kidnapping and molestation of a famous Malayalam actress that happened in February this year and how she took refuge in Lal’s house. Lal also helped the actress to file a police complaint.

Jean Paul Lal had made his debut in the Malayalam movies as a director back in 2013 with Honey Bee. The movie was quite a success which triggered the director to make Honey Bee 2. The movie was released in the month of March but the audience did not like it.

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