Bone chilling sounds, creepy, spooky ghosts, suspense and grisly thrill – if you are a fan of horror movies then you can Watch Horror Movies Online from this electrifying list below.

Intlo Deyyam – Intlo Deyyam is a Telugu horror movie which has an interesting story. The lead characters of the movie are Allari Naresh playing Naresh, Kruthika Jayakumar playing Indumathi and Mouryani playing Swapna. The movie begins with Naresh who is in love with Indumathi seeks to help one of the kids of an NGO where Indumathi works. He gets entangled in a haunted farmhouse which has a connection to his past. The ghost Swapna is there to kill and take Naresh’s soul.

Kanchana and Kanchana 2 – A Tamil horror comedy movie – Kanchana is a story written, directed and produced by Raghava Lawrence who also happens to be the lead character of the movie. He has retained his original name in the movie. He plays the role of a jobless man who does nothing but play cricket. Circumstances lead to him being possessed by not one or two but three ghosts; Kanchana being the main one who was a transgender. The ghosts have a sad story and Raghava lets them possess him so they could take revenge on their killers.

Kanchana 2 also stars Raghava Lawrence who is in love with Taapsee Pannu. Like the previous movie there are three ghosts two of which are good and seeking revenge while the other is that of a mentally retarded boy Shankar who is bad. Two ghosts Shiva also played by Ragava Lawrence and Ganga played by Nithya Menen are in love and wish to get married but are killed. They seek revenge and Raghava helps them in doing so.

Arundhati – Directed by Kodi Ramakrishna Arundhati is another Telugu horror movie that has an excellent storyline where a family had troubled by awicked man who later became an evil tantric when he was kicked out. He seeks revenge from the family especially the girl who was responsible for his fate. Playing the powerful role of Arundhati is Anushka Shetty and the spirit of the evil tantric is Sonu Sood who is Pasupathi. A scary yet interesting story – Arundhati will give you shivers.

De Monte Colony – Made under the direction of R. Ajay Gnanamuthu this is a story about four friends who are struggling to live decent lives. Displaying extremeboldness the friends visit De Monte Colony which was occupied by a Portuguese Lord John De Monte and is now rumoured to be haunted. One of the friends Raghavan played by Sananth steals a diamond necklace from there which happens to be cursed. Although the four come out safely from the mansion a series of unfortunate events take place and each one of them is killed and the necklace is returned to the De Monte Colony.

Although there are many more horror movies that are worth watching, the above happen to be the best of all. You can go for Horror Movies Online Download option on your net and watch them whenever you want.




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